This Polish Ad About Mother-Daughter Relationship Will Melt Your Heart

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An ad made for Allegro, a Polish online action website, is garnering positive views from across the world. The ad captures the camaraderie between a mother and a daughter in the best way possible.

It starts with the mother-daughter duo going out for shopping for a costume party at the latter’s school. The daughter feels dejected because some other girl is seen wearing the same dress. To cheer her daughter up, the mother starts designing the best costumes for her. She works on a dinosaur, a raining cloud, an astronaut, a mummy, a clown, a bumblebee, a rainbow, a bird. All her efforts, however, are in vain. The daughter rejects all of these one by one.

The ad captures the camaraderie between a mother and a daughter in the best way possible

Later, the daughter is seen ordering a beautiful red frock for herself. The ad concludes with the mother realizing the real motive behind her decision to buy the red frock. It was the same frock which the mother used to wear when she was young. The daughter aspired to be like her mother.

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The ad may well leave you teary-eyed. It has been viewed over 20 lakh times on YouTube.

Watch it here:

SheThePeople.Tv admires the profound love that exists between a mother and a daughter. We all aspire to be like our mothers. Don’t we? The unique set of qualities, the aura, the personality — everything is worth imbibing.

To celebrate this beautiful relationship, we are running a campaign #WISDOMOFMOMS. What is the best advice your mother shared with you? Let us know here.

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