This Online Fashion Store's "No Retouching Policy" is a Major Step for Body-Positive Image

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Photo-editing the images of models in ads is an old ritual and the fashion world knows exactly what to do. Now suddenly, to our surprise, Asos—an online retailer -- showed us that there's no word as ‘imperfection’, that there is no wrong way to have a body!


The popular British fashion store Asos is featuring its models in bikini photos that are not tangled with. The models here are posed in swimsuit and underwear where the stretch marks are evidently visible.

Now, most of us are under the impression that the models are god's own creation and they cannot -- simply ought not – to have any kind of skin flaws.

However, curiosity arises when they are not in front of the camera and appear as normal human being.  Asos tries to establish the fact that models are misrepresented in every sphere and this process should not exist.

When last week the unedited photos circulated online, consumers poured in praises for untouched images of the models. Some argued that the realistic portrayals of the form of female gesture is the best way to promote body positivity. And, we couldn’t agree more!

For the brand which already has a reputation in the market for its body inclusivity campaigns, such as endorsing plus-size, tall, and maternity clothes for women, the feature of models in nature skin is highly acceptable.

Asos spokesperson confirmed to The Huffington Post that only the clothing and products were retouched before going online but the stretch marks on the models are real.

In January, Asos also endorsed plus-size and tall sections for men.

This year the world is waking up to body positivity and slapping body shaming hard in the face. With more popular brand like Asos, embracing the true nature of body and size, hopefully we will be able to change the view!

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