This Mom Went Backpacking Around Europe With Her One-Year-Old

It may feel brave to some, but Deenaz Raisinghani just wanted to fulfil a long-time dream of travelling with her child, so that she could grow up in exotic locations rather than her home. Originally from Guwahati, Deenaz and her husband are avid travellers and are lifetime members of the Hostelling International Community.

The couple gave birth to a girl in 2015 and when the little girl was about seven months old, the couple took their first trip to Bhutan, a country that shares its borders with India. While the country is famous for being a backpacker’s haven for its low cost of living, Deenaz trekked to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, which is located at a high altitude of 10,240 ft above sea level, with her daughter tucked on her back, reported India.

After Bhutan, the couple wanted to travel Europe, but Deenaz wanted it to happen before the young girl turned two. The couple also wanted to cover seven countries in the most economical way. The couple left together in July 2016 but as Deenaz’s husband works in the Indian Army, he had to leave within a few days of starting their Europe trip. But Deenaz stayed and wanted to complete her trip as she had dreamt of.

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They had decided to only take hostels instead of hotels and public transport instead of private ones and everything went as decided. Deenaz travelled from Delhi to Istanbul to Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, Tubingen and Berlin along with her baby on her back.

Deenaz chucked the extra baby material and carried only a rucksack, a stroller and a few baby essentials. She fed her baby the fresh street food that she herself ate and was happy to realize that her baby did not face any stomach issues even once during the trip. She completed the trip in the set budget and once back home, was surprised to find that the 100 Euros she had kept for emergency purpose had not been spent.

She covered many sight-seeing locations on foot with her baby on the stroller. She backpacked around Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt before returning to Delhi. She met a lot of backpackers on her journey but rarely any solo mom. After coming back from her trip, she now urges other mothers to also go on a trip with their babies as she thinks it is necessary for children to grow up travelling to different places rather than being restricted to their homes.

Picture credit- Voice of Greater Assam