These women want 50 percent reservation in Parliament

Women panchayat

If you thought getting 33 percent reservation for women in parliament was aiming for the stars, well, a group of women in the Kaithal district of Chandigarh have decided to ask for the moon. The women’s wing Sarv Jatiya Sarv Khap mahapanchayat organised for a meeting to discuss the reservations at Manas village, and have decided to demand a 50% reservation for women in the state assemblies and parliament. The location for the meeting was apt as it has two gram panchayats and both are led by women sarpanches.

“The issue was raised in the panchayat today. But why should women get only 33 percent reservation. Rather it should be 50 percent. We have decided to start a campaign for this. We will rope in MPs, MLAs and different associations. A representation will be prepared that will be handed over to the Prime Minister,” said Dr Santosh Dahiya, President of the women’s wing, to Indian Express.

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She said this in reference to the bill of 33percent reservation in the parliament which is pending still. The women will take help from the local MPs, MLAs to put this requisition forward and they will also write to the Prime Minister about it.

Dahiya emphasized on having equal number of women in politics and raised the issue of men relatives overpowering the decisions of the panchayat where women candidates are in power. The other issues being discussed were liberalisation of women who still restrict themselves under the veil and depend on the male members of the family for any decision. Shutting down of liquor shops was also discussed.

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So you think reserving equal number of seats for women will be in realm of possibility, when the 33 percent reservation bill has been pending in the Lok Sabha since 2010?  The demand may be highly commendable, but too much of a uphill task.

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