Theresa May’s ratings collapses in ComRes poll for the first time

Theresa May terror attack

The personal ratings for Prime Minister Theresa May have turned out to be negative for the first time in ComRes poll, despite her party’s 12-point lead since last week.

On the other hand, the ratings for Jeremy Corbyn and the labour party’s ratings have significantly improved up to 35 per cent though the conservative party is up by one per cent at 47 per cent.

The ratings for liberal democrats and UKIP remain unchanged at eight and four per cent respectively while The Greens were lowered by losing one point to stand at one per cent.

The favourable index compiled in February rated Theresa May to 39 but now in the recent polls, she is regarded unfavourable by 42 per cent. The polls took place at the end of the election campaign week in which MS. May was criticised for her U-turns and being shied away from the exposure.

She refused to be part of the public TV debates and did not even give interviews instead sent Amber Rudd and Justine Greening to take her place. The recent polls suggests that the Tories could lose seats and a hung parliament situation might arise which would not be welcomed by the voters.

The 59 per cent of people prefer a parliament where one party has a full majority whereas 28 per cent of people prefer parties which would work together for the government.

This week’s poll shows a sharp rise from 70 to 77 per cent in the proportion of people who have decided the method of voting which includes voting by post. However, 16 per cent people have not decided yet and further 7 per cent are still ambiguous.

ComRes, a market research company still continues to produce highest figures for conservatives lead but it cannot be speculated right now as it completely depends on the voter’s turn out on Thursday. Ipsos MORI and YouGov, expect an increase in turnout among young people, and have shown Tory’s lead of five and three points this week.