The Walking Dead Star Alanna Masterson Shuts Down Body Shamers

The Walking Dead (TWD) star Alanna Masterson has given it back to trolls body shaming her on Instagram for her post-pregnancy body.

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'Walking Dead' Star Shuts Down Body Shamers In Powerful Post

We know her for killing flesh eaters – zombies -- and clearly who'd want to mess with someone like that? The Walking Dead (TWD) star Alanna Masterson plays a badass lesbian character on screen and is a proud mother behind the camera. In real life, she is as fierce talking right just as in TWD. Recently, she encountered some body shamers who targeted her for her post-baby body and posted cruel comments on Instagram, but in return got a lesson for a lifetime.


"Grow the f**k up."

“Your mother should be ashamed for raising such a judgemental bully,” the actress told one such critic of her weight on Instagram earlier this week.

In that Instagram post, Masterson snapped at those who judged her weight and appearance after she had her daughter. 'I gave birth, nursed the baby, worked 17 hour days and NAILED my own stunts.'

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The detailed post by the 28-year-old actress dedicated to all haters came into notice after her character, Tara, came back in this week’s episode of the AMC series.


It goes like:

The Walking Dead Star Alanna Masterson1

The Walking Dead Star Alanna Masterson 2

She also captioned a photo of her cute little girl on the post.


Masterson has a year-old daughter -- Marlowe -- and is still able to keep up the shoot for the series on time. Instead of focusing on her dedication, trolls made a foul comment by calling her 'fat'.  Not a first, Masterson also had taken off trolls on Twitter during her pregnancy while filming the previous sixth season in 2015.

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Tara was one of the main focal points of this week’s episode of TWD, who appeared as the first gay character introduced on the show. If someone can be that bold, how can you judge her on the basis of her weight?


A few other celebrities too had shot back at such behaviour. In the November issue of Glamour, Demi Lovato revealed how she deals with body shamers online. “If somebody calls me fat, even in a vulnerable moment, I laugh to myself and think, I’m doing everything I can, so there’s nothing I can do about it," she told the magazine. "I don’t have a six-pack. Maybe I don’t even want a six-pack. It doesn’t sound very appealing."

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Selena Gomez had earlier given back to some Instagram user who made offensive remarks about her weight. She posted a photo of herself in a bathing suit with the caption, "I love being happy with me y'all #theresmoretolove."

An upbeat response to obnoxious bullying, Kim Kardashian West, who is always being targeted by body shamers, made a subtle counter when she gained weight during her first pregnancy, Kardashian tweeted, "Anyone who has had a baby knows how hard it is to lose weight...your body totally changes! Making fun of me pregnant and making fun of me trying to lose weight now, shame on you. I'm not perfect but I will never conform to your skinny standards sorry!"

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Well, haters, it’s never too late to learn! Pat on the back Alanna!

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