The controversial Gaurav Arora from Splitsvilla season 8 whom many remember as “mia’s connection” and who had grabbed everyone’s’ attention by openly disclosing his bisexuality on prime time television, is no longer Gaurav. Nope, we’re not talking about an official name change. Gaurav has ceased to exist, and Gauri has been born. The reality TV star has transformed himself completely into a female. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this picture:

Gauri Arora ( formrly Gaurav)
Gauri Arora ( formerly Gaurav)

Whether Gaurav has actually undergone a se-change operation or not is still not confirmed. On being questioned about his transformation by SheThePeople.TV the reply that came was ” comfortable the way I am”,  over phone.

It’s a path less travelled no doubt, but Gaurav’s courage to come out on social media is surely applauding.

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