Explained: What Is The Equality Act Passed By Us House Of Representatives?

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The Equality Act: The United States House of Representatives passed the Equality Act, a legislation that protects LGBTQ+ rights.

The Equality Act had previously been passed by the Democratic-led House in 2019, but was not passed by the Senate Republicans. The debate regarding the Equality Act is a battle between liberals that support the act and conservatives that state the act will infringe on religious freedom.

Ten Things To Know About The Equality Act

  1. The original Equality Act was developed in 1974. The Act sought to amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to prohibit discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation and marital status.
  2. The Supreme Court ruling in 2020 that stated that employers who fire workers for being gay or transgender are violating civil rights law will be federally codified into law.
  3. The existing state protections will be made federal and consistent across the entire nation.
  4. The act provides LGBTQ+ people with protection from discrimination in all areas of life, such as employment, housing, and credit.
  5. Currently, 22 out of 50 states have employment protection and 21 states have anti-discrimination laws.
  6. Opposition against the Act is due to a belief that their religious freedom will be infringed upon.
  7. Nearly all House Republicans have voted against it, meaning it will be unlikely to pass the Senate.
  8. In order for the Equality Act to be implemented, it has to be passed by both the House and the Senate.
  9. Opposition to the Act can also be contributed to transphobic sentiments. Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene stated that the Equality Act will ‘destroy women’s rights and religious freedoms’ as she posted a transphobic sign outside her office.
  10. The Act has universal support among Democrats and is supported by 3 Republicans.

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