Even though half the world is tired of talking about the insignificant dress’ insignificant colour palette; most of us are still wondering what exactly the whole drama is about. Well, for those of you who have been too busy with your daily chores to read about this, we’ll tell you what happened. A Tumblr user named Swiked posted a picture of a dress on the Internet on Wednesday, February 25th, , asking what color was the dress she had posted. Yes, that was it.


Celebrities like singer Taylor Swift, actresses Julianne Moore and Mindy Kailing have expressed their opinions on Twitter. However, it wasn’t just the women who seemed bothered by this, actors like James Franco and BJ Novak also joined these women. Miley Cyrus also decided to join the show and posted a photo-shopped version of the picture in colours of the rainbow.


So the question is, which one is it- golden and white or black and blue? Since the picture doesn’t have adequate light exposure, it’s difficult to decide. Personally, I foolishly spent good 15 minutes trying to figure out the dress of the colour. To me it seemed blue and black at first, but when I changed the angle from which I was looking, it looked white and goldA lot of people actually agree on this, in different pictures of the same dress or at different angles, they see different colours.


FOX 4 News actually found this dress on Amazon in colours (insert drumroll) black and blue. But another photo editing software suggested otherwise. However, according to what Sarah Weichel, the woman who’s account on Tumbler started this, told  Slate.com; she finally saw the dress that she had received in the picture and it is in fact black and blue.


According to BradTheLadLong, however, it’s not the dress, it’s you. What colours you see in the dress are actually a reflection of your state of mind. If you saw the darker colours, Black and Blue, you are dealing with some negative emotions currently and if you see while and gold, you are happy as a smurf. And those, who like me, see all of these, are probably bipolar. Well, as BradTheLadLong later tweeted, this really is how you break the internet, Kim Kardashian.


[Featured Picture Courtesy: Huffington Post]