The Boys Club At Uber Shakes Up, CEO Sent On Leave: All You Need To Know

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The all boys club leading Uber is in for a jolt, CEO Travis Kalanik has been sent on leave. Could Uber get rid of its history of bad practises by putting together new people? If a CEO's practises set the tone for the company, perhaps it's time to find new blood to fix the culture at Uber?


Uber's top team, and Kalanik's inner circle included senior vice president for business Emil Michael, Asia business driver Eric Alexander and Uber’s chief technology officer, Thuan Pham. This team was critical to pushing Uber's new markets and soaring its valuations. In the light of the many harassment cases and questionable practises at the company, is the A team going to disintegrate? Will it put press on the company's performance?

Here's all you need to know about the mess at Uber

1. In October 2014, Uber’s office in Lyon, France, was criticised for promising to match passengers with attractive women as drivers.

2. In April 2016, Uber settled two lawsuits over labour practices with former drivers. The company paid $100 million in its settlement.

3. In December 2016, a former Uber employee spoke about age discrimination in the company and how the company can easily use its God View tool to stalk its VIP users.

4. In February 2017, a video showing Kalanick berating an Uber driver went public. Hours after the video, Kalanick posted that he will be ‘seeking leadership help’ and that he ‘needs to grow up’.


5. Also in February 2017, Susan Fowler posted about how she had faced gender discrimination at the company. After her post, Kalanick met 100 of the company’s female engineers who said that gender discrimination is a systemic problem at Uber.

6. February 2017 saw another incident, where the company’s SVP of engineering was fired because he did not disclose allegations of sexual harassment that had been levelled against him during his previous job at Google.

7. March 2017, Uber's President Jeff Jones resigned from his position, after only six months. Sources say his resignation was due to the bad press Uber had been receiving.

8. In March 2017, Kalanick's ex girlfriend spoke about how the team had gone to visit an escort karaoke bar in South Korea a few years ago. When a female employee had reported the incident, no action had been taken. .

9. June 6, 2017, the company fired more than 20 employees over claims of sexual harassment, following the investigations made by law firm, Perkins Cole.

10. On June 7, 2017, Eric Alexander was fired for sharing the medical records of the Uber passenger who was raped by her driver in India.


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