The artist and his women: Reflections on SH Raza who passed away at 94

I love women the legendary artist would say

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Legendary Artist SH Raza's Work

Legendary artist SH Raza in the last decade of his life wanted to paint 'Indian beauties.' The world renowned painter is famous for the bindu motif in his painting, something that was later named the razabindu. He learnt art in France and influenced the French to pain Indian beliefs, symbols and cultures on their canvasses. When his wife passed away, Raza returned to India which he proudly always called home. He reportedly remained an Indian passport holder through his life.


He made a painting called 'Gods dwell where women are adored'

He said He Loved Women

“I love women,” Raza said in a chat with The Telegraph. “I don’t have flirtations with women. If a woman attracts me, I say what I feel. I don’t waste my time or her time”

Legendary Artist SH Raza's Work Gods Dwell Where Women Are Adored: Painting By Raza. Picture Credit to Artsy.Net

On His Wife 

Raza said in an interview about his connect with France, “My companion - my late wife — is awaiting me in Gorbio (where she is buried). I think I need to be with her.” 


Why He Worked With The Bindu

“I realised that bindu was the central seat and it was important to work with the bindu element. I understood that the panchtatva could also be the panchrang, the five colours. It is the seed of nature, the seed of creation, it is the seed as we know in human beings. It represents the universe itself,” Raza said to Daily Mail 

Raza And His Women- SH Raza Painting

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