Thai Woman Accidentally Dyes Her Cat Yellow With Turmeric, Netizens Can’t Stop Gushing

Thai woman accidentally dyes Cat

India has long known the multitudinous benefits of the magic plant called turmeric, something the rest of the world is just coming into, with a lot of amazement. And centuries of using haldi in everything, from cooking to bruises, has well taught us that as beneficial as the yellow powder is, the stains it leaves are almost impossible to get rid of. A side-effect that the ‘turmeric latte’-drinking public is gradually coming to terms with. One such incident took place in Thailand, where a woman accidentally dyed her pet cat yellow while treating an infection on its limb.

Thammapa Supamas started a page on Facebook three days ago, where she shared pictures of her pet and amusedly told followers about the unfortunate accident. In Thai, she wrote how she was trying to cure a fungal wound on her cat’s limb with turmeric, and in the process, dyed it entirely yellow from head to toe — err… ear to paw.


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Woman Gives Update On Her Yellow Cat

Amassing over 10K followers since the day she started the page, perhaps the woman thought it her responsibility to share regular updates on her little pet. And no one is complaining. Who doesn’t love cat pictures, after all?

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Supamas, who herself seems to be quite in good humour over the dye accident, wrote, “Update cat fungus. Overall, it’s better.” She went on to say that the turmeric stain was “starting to fade” but she didn’t know when it would “disappear.” She thanked everyone for showering her cat with love and worrying about it too.

Netizens Can’t Stop Gushing Over The Feline

Social media users couldn’t stop gushing over Supamas’ cat, sharing the pictures and writing about how adorable it looked. They didn’t miss its resemblance to the popular Pokémon character Pikachu, which sports a similar yellow fur and dewy eyes.

Supamas, in fact, took this opportunity to even share pictures of her cat with Pikachu filters, enhancing its cheeks with a red tint and some stripes. One user wrote, “I want my own Pikachu toooooo!”