Texas To Name School After Indian-American Physiotherapist Who Passed Away From Cancer

Sonal Bhuchar
Texas to name school after Sonal Bhuchar: The state of Texas in the United States will be naming an elementary school after late physiotherapist and philanthropist Sonal Bhuchar. The school will open in the Riverstone community, in January 2023.

Bhuchar, who was a resident of Mumbai prior to her move to the US after her marriage, passed away due to cancer in 2019. She was 58 years old. A professional physiotherapist, Bhuchar held a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Bombay University and moved to Houston, Texas in 1984 with her husband Subodh Bhuchar, as per a report in Outlook.

The decision to name an elementary school after Sonal Bhuchar was unanimously taken by Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) Board of Trustees. The board was led by Bhuchar for two year and she had been a member of it for six years.

According to Fort Bend Independent, FBISD community submitted nominations to name the elementary school in question between February 25 and March 10 this year. The committee processed close to 300 nominations following the submissions, following which Bhuchar’s name was selected.

As a board member, Bhuchar is known to have started several initiatives such as WATCH—a lifestyle education programme, the Legislative Advocacy Programme, Student Leadership Programme etc, along with other scholarship opportunities for students.

“Sonal was a quiet but effective warrior, who weaved a path for generations of young women and men to follow. She led by example and showed them that their way to succeed in life is to give, without expecting anything in return,” said Bhuchar’s husband, adding that the late physiotherapist ensured that her actions would lead to changes that would benefit all.

Feature Image Credit: India Today