“I’m totally OK with testing and I encourage it,” Serena Williams told the Associated Press, adding, “It’s just about being equal and not centering one person out.”

Williams, who is one of the latest targets of unfair and unequal drug testing, was furious over an unexpected drug testing. She spoke out after a tester showed up at her Florida home 12 hours earlier than the appointed time, the Associated Press reported.

If reports are to be believed, Williams has been tested for drug this year more than usual. The other US tennis stars are being equally treated wherein she is getting extra attention, according to an initial report by Deadspin. She’s even tested more times than her top five US male counterparts.

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According to Williams, she had already been tested five times out of competition in 2018 as of last month. During a news conference ahead of a tournament at Wimbledon on Sunday, Williams stated how frustrating she was to be targeted more than the other players. She says the drug testing doesn’t bother her but at least it should “just test everyone equally”.

As a result, on June 14, an unannounced USADA officer arrived at Williams’ residence for a drug test at 8:30 am when she wasn’t home, Deadspin reported. He refused to leave until Williams showed up and ultimately said no to the test. She later complained to the Women’s Tennis Association about the whole situation and showed concerned about how she felt she was being unfairly targeted.

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Williams’ spokeswoman later called the test “invasive and targeted”. They indicated that Williams had always been clear from illegal substances in her over two-decade-long tennis career, even though she had been tested “four times more frequently than her peers.”

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