Ten Of McDonald’s Employees Allege Sexual Harassment

McDonald's employees allege Sexual Harassment

Ten female current and former employees of McDonald’s filed sexual harassment complaints against the firm over the past week, reported CNN.

Complainants include a 15-year-old girl

Ten workers at McDonald’s fast food franchises in the US have filed the complaints. The workers, one of whom is 15 years old, allege groping, propositions, indecent exposure and lewd comments. McDonald’s said it takes such allegations “very seriously” and that its franchises should do the same.

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received the complaints. Campaign group, ‘The Fight for $15’, brought forward these complaints

As per claims, managers mocked and ignored workers when the latter reported instances of sexual harassment.

Supervisors took no action

Breauna Morrow (15) claimed she was repeatedly harassed by a co-worker using graphic, sexual language. When she reported the incident, her supervisors didn’t take any action. Another employee claimed she had reported that a co-worker at a New Orleans outlet had groped her. Her managers reportedly mocked her, saying “she was probably giving the worker sex appeal”.

The complaints name both McDonald’s franchisees and the company itself. However, the company views its franchisees as independent business owners.

Hotline for workers

The Fight for $15 now plans to challenge widespread sexual harassment against McDonald’s workers across the US. It has for long urged McDonald’s to set a $15 minimum wage.

The group has set up a hotline and encouraged workers to contact them to have their complaints reviewed by lawyers. Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, which was set up to help survivors of sexual abuse, is lending support to the group.

Similar harassment claims were lodged against McDonald’s two years ago. The Fight for $15 had filed complaints on behalf of 15 workers at McDonald’s, US. The workers complained they were sexually harassed while at work.

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