“Television needs to reinvent itself”- Naghma Sahar at Juxtapose

Panel discussion 2 at LSR

Panel Discussion on the Day 2 of Juxtapose 2017 focused on “Editorial Vs Economic Judgement”. Media Dignitaries like Naghma Sahar, Prabhu Chawla and Kavindra Sachan and Rega Jha were invited to discuss on the theme. Some of the key points that emerged during the discussion:

More importance is given to ratings

Naghma Sahar explained that media is a job like any other, but with an important responsibility of bringing up social issues. She added that a lot of importance is given to ratings now.

Backing her was Kavindra Sachan who told the audience that these days the marketing head guides media houses about what will work and what will not.

“Editors are becoming weaker, marketing heads are becoming more important for organisations.”- Kavindra Sachan

Changes in news gathering

Giving an insight into how newsgathering has changed, Prabhu Chawla said that it has become more expensive now.

He said, “Reporters have stopped doing ground work. It is important to go to the field. Apps like Whatsapp have become the new medium of sending across news.”

Chawla believes that gathering of information should be the prime motto of any organisation.

Change in quality of news 

Nagma Sahar observes that on television, people just want to put forward their views. There is no more conversations taking place. Instead, there is a lot more aggression among people now.

“Television needs to reinvent itself like any other medium”, said Nagma Sahar

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Kavindra Sachan reiterated Sahar’s point saying, “Indian news channels are confused between whether to show entertainment or news”.

Rega Jha, on the other hand, feels that we must start embracing the way youth consumes information.

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Advice for Young Journalists

Finally, the panelists shared some pearls of wisdom which would help budding journalists to thrive in the field.

  • Prabhu Chawla advised them to fear none, favour none.
  • News is about knowing what, where and why something takes place. Emphasis, should be laid on “why” things are happening because it is the key to successful journalism.

  • Naghma Sahar highlighted the importance of being unbiased while reporting news.
  • Rega Jha said that young journalists should aim at getting innovative ways of delivering news and making people interested.

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