A picture of an Iranian woman removing her hijab in protest has been hailed as a hero. The footage shows a woman waving a while flag during anti-government protests in Tehran. The protests have seen around 450 people arrested in three days. Women in Islamic Republic of Iran have been forced to cover their head since 1979.

The video of the woman’s defiant gesture was posted on Twitter by Armin Navabi, a former Muslim from Iran and author of “Why There Is No God”.

“This woman in Iran took off her Hijab to protest the mandatory Islamic dress code imposed on Iranian women,” posted on Twitter using the hashtag “#IStandWithHer”.

Since then the post has gone viral.

Women not wearing hijab in Tehran will no longer be arrested:

Last week the police chief general announced that Women in Tehran will no longer be arrested for appearing without their heads covered in public.

“Those who do not observe the Islamic dress code will no longer be taken to detention centres, nor will judicial cases be filed against them,” he said.

Instead of being arrested, they will have to attend classes given by police. However, repeat offenders could still be the subject to legal action. Also, the new rules are applicable only in Tehran and not in the rest of Iran.

Many people on various social media platforms celebrated the woman’s protest. Here are some reactions to the woman’s gesture:

The woman has been hailed a hero and is causing waves in the country. The spot where she had been standing is now laden with flowers. The woman has since been arrested and detained. The demonstrations which started on Thursday in Mashhad in Iran have brought six days of unrest across the country and resulted in 21 deaths.

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