Pop star, Taylor Swift, surprised a 96 year old fan with a visit to his home in New Madrid, Missourie. 96 year old Cyrus Porter, had spoken about how he loved Taylor Swift in an interview with news station KFVS. She surprised him  at a party where 60 of his relatives were present, and they had a fantastic time!

Take a look at some of the tweets, Porter’s grandson posted. Swift is shown playing for the family, and even getting a tour of Porter’s World War II memorabilia.

Swift even performed for the World War II veteran and his family. Porters’s grandson posted: “Taking selfies, holding babies, hugging grandpas and leaving lipstick marks,” Frye captioned one montage of photos. “Taylor Swift does it all. Awesome day for my Popo!!”

In the interview with KFVS news Porter had said “ “I’ve been to two concerts. Memphis and St Louis,” he shared with the local news station. “Look what she does…she puts on a show no one else puts on…I just liked the way she did stuff.”

His interview went viral, and that’s how it came to Swift’s attention.

Swift is known to love Christmas and often hands out gifts to her fans on the occasion so much, that her fans even call the occasion “Swiftmas.”

What a great way to celebrate Christmas!

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