Why 18% Americans Believe Taylor Swift Is Aiding Joe Biden's Re-election?

A recent poll conducted by Monmouth University reveals a conspiracy theory gaining traction where a staggering 18% of Americans believe that Taylor Swift is orchestrating a plot to aid Joe Biden in securing a second term in the 2024 election.

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As the United States gears up for the forthcoming presidential race, the baffling relationship between pop icon Taylor Swift and the American political landscape holds the potential to exert significant influence, molding perceptions and potentially swaying the trajectory of the nation's highest office. According to a recent survey from the Monmouth University Polling Institute, roughly 18% of Americans entertain the notion that Taylor Swift is entangled in a conspiracy designed to bolster Joe Biden's re-election aspirations in the approaching November elections.


This intriguing yet contentious theory has gained widespread traction, particularly among segments of the American populace, raising pertinent questions about celebrity influence, political allegiances, and the dissemination of misinformation.

The Emergence of the Swift Psyop Conspiracy

Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, highlighted the resonance of the "Taylor Swift psyop conspiracy" among a significant number of Trump supporters. This intriguing claim gained traction, particularly within right-wing media circles, following Swift's romantic involvement with Travis Kelce, a prominent figure on the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team.

The Swift-Kelce Connection

The conspiracy theory gained momentum as Swift, a vocal critic of the former president, publicly endorsed Joe Biden in the 2020 elections. Sources suggest that the White House is keen on securing a repeat endorsement from Swift this election year.

Furthermore, proponents of the theory speculate that Swift had intentions to make a high-profile endorsement during the Super Bowl halftime show, which, if realized, would have provided a significant boost to Biden's electoral prospects. However, these conjectures were not substantiated by any concrete evidence, as Swift was notably absent from the event, contrary to speculation.


Interestingly, Biden's social media team capitalized on this narrative by tweeting a "Dark Brandon" meme, reinforcing that events unfolded as planned.

Kelce's endorsements of Bud Light beer and vaccinations against flu and COVID-19 have also become lightning rods for right-wing criticism, but whether these endorsements align with a larger political agenda remains speculative.

The Political Backlash

Unsurprisingly, this theory has not escaped the attention of political heavyweights. Former President Trump, who has not conceded his 2020 defeat, accused Swift of disloyalty for endorsing Biden again. Trump's accusation is grounded in the fact that Swift benefited from the Music Modernization Act, a piece of legislation addressing streaming royalties, enacted during his presidency.

Poll Insights & Swift's Political Influence

A substantial 46% of Americans are aware of the theory, with 73% dismissing it outright. However, 9% remain uncertain about its veracity. Strikingly, among those endorsing the conspiracy, 71% align with or lean towards the Republican Party, and 83% express an inclination to vote for Trump in the upcoming election.

Beyond the conspiracy, Swift's role in encouraging fans to vote is acknowledged by a significant portion of the population. Approval ratings for Swift's activism exhibit a notable partisan split, with 88% of Democrats supporting her efforts compared to 42% of Republicans.

While the Taylor Swift psyop conspiracy may captivate the imaginations of some, its veracity remains dubious in the absence of concrete evidence.

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