Tanisha Roy: From Cancer Survivor To Mrs India Worldwide Finalist

“What is a tigress without her scars? I wear my scars with confidence and I’m perfect with my imperfections.” says Tanisha Roy.

Ria Das
Aug 07, 2019 09:30 IST
Tanisha Roy

Bangalore based model Tanisha Roy is a fighter, facing challenges that have come her way, like something as life threatening as cancer, and now she has been shortlisted in the top 150 participants among the 40,000 plus models across 25 countries to participate for Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide beauty pageant 2019 which is being organised in Greece. The pageant is slated to be held in October 2019. Tanisha, who once walked through corporate hallway, now makes her presence felt globally.


The year 2018, for corporate employee Tanisha, was a dark year, as she was diagnosed with pleomorphic adenoma (a form of tumour). Before that she lost her father in 2012. The tumour had then spread to turn into a first stage of cancer. She had no medication option and took the big decision and went through macro open surgery. After a successful surgery, the tumour was removed but unfortunately it left a huge split from the ear to the neck.

Tanisha said, “Surviving the cancer journey and being the strongest though the procedure was tough but my family supported me throughout, and also kept me motivated. It was difficult but achievable and my plan is to achieve the goals I have set for myself.”

Fighting with conviction through all the critical situations, self-driven Tanisha then decided to participate in the international competition and started to lose weight with workout and planned diet. Her goals kept her motivated.  “What is a tigress without her scars? I wear my scars with confidence and I’m perfect with my imperfections.” she added.

“Believe you can and you will. No matter what others tell you, you are unique. Past will make you bitter, yes it will but you have the power to change it to be better,” said Tanisha

She took a sabbatical from her corporate job and started modelling and doing shoots when she was diagnosed with first stage of cancer. But, hard work finally paid off when she was chosen to be one of the finalists in the Haute Monde Mrs India Worldwide pageant. One of the 172 women selected for the finals, chosen from over 40,000 participants from across the globe, Tanisha’s story is truly inspiring.

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