Tamil Nadu Horror: Woman Alleges Brutal Gangrape En Route Pilgrimage

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Palani gangrape: A 40-year-old woman from Kerala, who was on way to a pilgrimage in Tamil Nadu with her husband, has alleged she was raped and subjected to brutal torture by a gang of men. The incident reportedly occurred on June 20 during the couple’s trip to temple shrines in Palani.

Reports on Sunday said the couple has lodged a complaint with Kannur police in Kerala, where they reside for work purposes. They are originally from Tamil Nadu.

The woman is reportedly under treatment at a hospital in Pariyaram. Police told IANS the woman’s medical reports do not reveal the injuries she has alleged, but it could be they have healed owing to the passage of time in the case.

“On the basis of [medical reports], there are no injuries as reported by the woman. As the alleged incident had taken place on June 20, according to the complainants, the wounds could have healed also,” Thalassery Deputy Superintendent of Police was quoted saying.

The case of alleged gangrape has been handed over to authorities in Tamil Nadu for further investigation.

Palani Gangrape Near Temple Premises: Here’s What Happened

The couple has alleged a gang of people forcefully took the woman to a lodge in Palani while her husband was away arranging for the duo’s meals. The perpetrators allegedly stuck beer bottles in the complainant’s private parts. The manager of the lodge has also reportedly been named in their gangrape allegations.

The woman’s husband has further alleged being physically assaulted by the gang when he returned to the lodge with food.

As per a Times Now report, the director-general of police (DGP) took cognisance of the gangrape while police in Tamil Nadu denied receiving any complaint in the case. The woman has alleged inaction by Kannur police when she approached them with her complaints.

After being handed the case by Kerala authorities, Tamil Nadu police have reportedly formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) for a probe.