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Good health is not easily won. If you find yourself easily falling sick or finding yourself  gaining or losing weight you are probably not taking charge enough. Here are some simple ways in which you can take that first step to living a more holistic and healthier life.


1. Don't delay all your checkups

Perhaps the reason you are feeling tired all the time is because you have a lack of key vitamins or nutrients, or hormone problems. Without regular checkups, you cannot take the preventive and curative measures you may need.

2. Start thinking about how to make exercise fun

When you aren’t used to exercising on a daily basis, you can try and start out by choosing activities that could be fun for you. Instead of spending an hour on the treadmill, why not join a dance or yoga class? You can work activity into your day. Take short walks at work and try using a standing desk. You can also wear devices like Fitbit to set goals for yourself. Promise yourself you will walk at least 10,000 steps and figure out a way to do it.

3. Re-look at your nutrition and diet choices

If you find yourself gulping down sugary snacks all day long, try looking for healthier alternatives that can still appeal to you. You won’t be able to cut the habit in a day, so why not start by replacing one or two items with healthier alternatives? Experts say that you should savour your food. Watching TV while eating won’t leave you satisfied, and you won’t pay attention to how much you are eating.


4. Managing your mental health

Mental health is a big part of being healthy. Stress can cause physical ailments and you should try and find ways to handle it. Try meditating, or writing down why you are stressed. When looking at your health, don’t forget that taking care of your mind is as important. Try switching off social media for a few hours a day and see what could happen.

5. Set a routine

Our bodies operate at efficiency according to the circadian rhythm, i.e they function in accordance with the 24-hour clock. So try and sleep, and eat at regular times. You can try and start a regular sleep schedule. Make sure not to watch TV or computer during bed time, since they will stimulate you and not calm you down.

These simple hacks can push you in getting your health back in control. Once you start doing this, you will healthier and who knows maybe one day you will even be a fitness freak?

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