Who doesn’t love a sumptuous McDonald’s burger? The world’s largest fast food chain is almost always filled with people grabbing on those burgers and fries. However, the Taiwan franchise of the fast food giant has a completely different reason for people to come in flocks. The Taiwan McDonald’s has a waitress employed who looks exactly like a doll in the customary Taiwanese pink frock.

Wei Han Xu, or Wei Wei is an employee at McDonald’s, a student and a model all at the same time. She is attracting customers from different cities even to shoot videos of her working in sailor dresses and other cute attires.

Image by shanghaiist

She is called the Mcgoddess by her followers, who are in hundreds of thousands by now. All this publicity has gained Wei a couple of talk show appearances. Taiwan has the knack of dressing its employees in adorable uniforms to attract customers, but Wei is considered to be looking the World’s Most Beautiful Waitress in the uniforms by the Taiwanese followers.

A blogger by the name RainDog saw Wei and couldn’t resist capturing her in his pictures which made her popular on the internet. Wei’s Facebook has around 86000 likes and her Instagram consists of 29000 followers.

Some users have accused RainDog of manipulating the photos or claim that Weiwei does not exist
Image by dailymail.co.uk

Before this, Brazilian street sweeper, Rita Mattos, who has a curvy body and beautiful features and Mexico’s weather woman, Yanet Gracia, who likes wear body-hugging clothes gained as much publicity for their appearance.

Cover picture credit- The Lad bible