Taapsee Pannu Clears The Air Post Income Tax Raid

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Taapsee Pannu On IT Raids: The properties of actor Taapsee Pannu were raided by the income tax department on March 3, 2021.

Along with the actor, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and a few others associated with the now-defunct Phantom production house were also raided. Reportedly, searches took place at 30 locations. The IT officials alleged finding issues with five crore rupees in cash received by Pannu.

On March 6, Taapsee reacted to the raids on Twitter, where she wrote, “Three days of intense search. Of three things primarily: 1. The keys of the ‘alleged’ bungalow that I apparently own in Paris. Because summer holidays are around the corner.” In following tweets, she said, “The “alleged” receipt worth 5 crores to frame n keep for future pitching coz I’ve been refused that money before Pouting face. My memory of 2013 raid that happened with me according to our honourable finance minister.”

Now, the Badla actor has opened up about the incident in a few interviews, wherein she told her side of the story.


Here are five key takeaways from the interviews of Taapsee Pannu:

  1. The 33-year-old actor acknowledged the cons of the celebrity status and constantly being in the public eye.  However, Pannu also claimed that she hasn’t “done anything illegally” and therefore, not sacred of the consequences. “This is the cost you pay for being a public figure, and I am perfectly okay with it because when you have not really done anything wrong, I don’t know what or why should I fear? If there a human error, I will pay up for it or whatever I am supposed to do. But I am not a criminal. I have not done anything illegally. So, I am not scared of the consequences,” she told The Quint.
  2. Condemning the media reports which claimed that Taapsee has received Rs five crore cash payment,  she laughed and responded in the interview, “I want to know where are these Rs 5 crore? I have not been offered that amount for anything in my life so far. I will frame the receipt for myself.”
  3. In addition, the Baby actor addressed the series of tweets came after Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the same persons were raided in 2013 as well, but there wasn’t an outcry back then.  Taapsee clarified that she was not raided in 2013 and it was “shocking” and “surprising” that Sitharaman shared a generic statement, which the actor feels needs to be corrected.
  4. She claims that the reason behind the IT raid is unclear to her. “There is no way to confirm why I was raided. When IT raids happened, there is no option but to follow procedure.”
  5. Taapsee Pannu made a statement assuring that she would “serve the punishment” if proven guilty. “If there is anything wrong it will come out, I can’t hide anything. If I have done something wrong, I will serve the punishment,” she said.

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