Syrian Baby Born Under Rubble Gets Name And New Home

Syrian Woman Gives Birth Under Rubble
The earthquake in Syria and Turkey has taken away more than 5000 lives till this minute, with thousands injured and still trapped under rubbles of collapsed buildings. A day after 18-month-old Raghad Ismail was rescued from under the debris of a building, another gut-wrenching story of a family has surfaced.

A newborn baby, whose umbilical cord was still tied to her mother, was rescued after she was delivered under the earthquake rubble in Syria. Her mother could not make it and passed away after giving birth.

The baby girl’s father and siblings also passed away in the devastating earthquake. Her father’s uncle, Salah al-Badran, said he would take her home after she is discharged from the hospital. His house was also destroyed in the earthquake and he is currently living in a tent with his family.

Thousands of people had offered to adopt the baby girl when the news broke about her rescue. She has been named Aya, which means miracle in Arabic.

Syrian Woman Gives Birth Under Rubble

The incident took place in the town of Jindayris. It’s reported that the newborn is now the sole survivor in the family. The family was trapped under the rubble after their family home collapsed after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the country causing unimaginable destruction.

The extended family of the newborn rushed to the rescue after the mother went into labour while being trapped under the debris.

Members of the extended family pulled out the newborn, realising that her umbilical cord was still attached to her mother. The baby’s mother could not make it and died after giving birth.

The relatives told news agencies that the baby was immediately rushed to a Children’s hospital and is currently admitted for treatment there.

“We heard a voice while we were digging the rubble. We cleared the debris and saw the baby with the umbilical cord (intact) so we cut it and a cousin took her to the hospital,” a rescuer shared with the news agency.

The video of the baby being pulled out of the rubble has now gone viral across social media platforms. Social media users across the world are sympathising with the newborn who, while gaining a new life, lost her family in the destruction. The footage shows how a rescuer is running away from the collapsed debris with a newborn baby covered in dust in his arms.

The newborn who has bruises all over her body is also battling hypothermia and is currently in the town of Afrin in the care of doctors and her extended relatives.

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