Union Minister Sushma Swaraj is known for her rescue operations. And right after getting back on her job after kidney transplant, Swaraj has taken up yet another rescue mission off the internet. It is an established fact that whoever stuck in foreign countries calls upon Swaraj either on Twitter or otherwise, she sure listens to the plea and does all she can to help.

This time it was the father of a woman in distress who sent a Youtube message to Swaraj asking for help. Mohammad Akbar sent a video message to Swaraj indicating that his daughter, Mohammadia Begum, who is married in Pakistan, is being treated badly by her in-laws there. Swaraj immediately swung into action and is working towards ensuring Begum’s safe and speedy return to India.

Swaraj tweeted about receiving a message from Akbar on Monday. She then tweeted, “Our mission sent a Note Verbale requesting the safety, security and well-being of Mohammadia Begum.” In another tweet, she mentioned, “Our High Commission officials met Mohammadia Begum and she expressed her desire to return to India.”

The father who complained to Sushma is a resident of Hyderabad. Incidently, Begum’s passport had expired, which is why she was facing difficulty in coming back to India. However, Swaraj has requested the Indian High Commission to sort out the passport problem and ease her return to India.

It was also revealed after Begum (44) had a phone conversation with her mother Hazara Begum in which she revealed that she was beaten up by her husband Mohammad Younis and locked up in a room after her meeting with the Indian High Commission.

Begum started crying while telling her mother about her state at her in-laws’ place. Her husband has warned her against returning to India and has reportedly married another woman in Pakistan. Begum and her husband have five children together — three sons and two daughters. All the children were born in Muscat, Oman, except the youngest son, who was born in Pakistan and is nine years old.

Hazara Begum complained that her daughter has become very weak because of the trauma she has gone through in the past years by her in-laws and husband.

“If the children come with her, that will be good but my appeal is that she should be brought home immediately,” said Hajara Begum, reported India Today.

Picture credit- DNA