Swara Bhasker Opens Up About Her #MeToo Moment

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Swara Bhasker recently opened up about her #MeToo moments in Bollywood. She revealed how once a meeting with the manager of a big producer turned nightmarish when she encounter the casting couch, according to a Yahoo report.


Sharing her ordeal, Swara said that when she tried to get out of it, the man tried to kiss her ear and said 'I love you baby'.

 "This kind of stuff happens. It's all part of casting couch, right?" Swara asked

She most recently found herself facing trolls her for her masturbation scene in ‘Veere Di Wedding’. But criticism apart, Bhasker is being lauded for essaying such a bold character that isn’t the “stereotypical” girl. She is also the most fierce and vocal actress in Bollywood today.

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When asked about feminism at the Express Adda, Swara stated, "Equality not just of representation but equality of opportunity and equality of accountability, which is something that not just women but a lot of communities in India have not had."

Her latest film proved out to be an eye-opener in a male-centric industry and is continuing to receive mixed reactions. In the film, Swara uses a vibrator to her pleasure. While many in the audience have loved the iconic scene and her performance throughout, a critical-minded section certainly saw it as “unacceptable” and “cheap”.


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This is the first time over a hundred years of the industry’s existence that an orgasm scene has officially been displayed that boldly. There seems to be winds of change in Bollywood!

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