This Woman Recycled Soda Cans To Make Outfit Because Trash Looks Better Outside Of Oceans

Anna Molinari sustainable fashion influencer
Sustainable Fashion Influencer Anna Molinari gained massive appreciation on the video creating application TikTok for her innovative ways of converting trash into gorgeous dresses. Molinari was just in high school when she made a necklace out of more than 400 toothpicks.

With fast fashion on a sharp rise, many influencers are seemingly switching as well as promoting sustainable options. However, this influencer herself makes her outfits out of the trash around her. Owing to her unusual fashion skill, Molinari has over 4,0,00,000 likes on TikTok.

Some of Anna Molinari’s accomplishments include necklace out of toothpicks, dress out of 200 straws, dress out of 3,000 soda can tabs, corset out of recycled ropes.

According to a video, Molinari noticed a bunch of toothpicks lying around her house after a party. She collected more from a local cafe that was switching to paper straws, leaving the plastic ones out. She managed to collect 1500 of them and made a black shiny dress out of them.

In an Instagram post, Anna Molinari posted a picture of herself wearing a plastic-made top, crafted by herself. She captioned the same as, “Plastic trash looks way better as a top than floating in the ocean.” Agreeing to Molinari’s caption, some of her fans wrote in the comments section, “omg we LOVE this” while another wrote, “I’m so obsessed with this.” A third comment read, “Imagine saving the planet and being this hot doing it.” The post garnered over 700 likes on Instagram.

Reportedly, Molinari made her corset top out of ropes and rags that her boss gave her. Uploading a picture of the same, Molinari wrote in the caption, “The result of @lemonandline letting me take rope scraps.

In yet another post, posting her dress made out of soda can tabs, Anna Molinari revealed that the same weighed 4.5 pounds (2 kg). She wrote in the caption, “4.5-pound dress made up of exactly 3,000 soda can tabs … aka I went through 4 seasons of mad men while making it (sic).” This post gained more than 1,200 likes.