Sushma Swaraj suggests a captive market for female entrepreneurs

Sushma Swaraj uses social media effectively

The external affairs minister feels that a “captive market” for women entrepreneurs will help them earn a better income compared to what they are earning now. She met about 1000 female entrepreneurs in Ghatkopar, Mumbai where she had a chat with them. All the Union ministers are commanded by the Prime Minister to interact with the public on the works done by the NDA government.

All the women who interacted with Swaraj are from various Mahila Bachat Guts (self-help groups). Swaraj recommended the women that a separate market just for women sellers could be the answer to their problems.

All the women who interacted with Swaraj are from various Mahila Bachat Guts (self-help groups)

But she also said that for such a market to come into existence, women will need to increase the quantities of goods produced by them.

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“Mahila Bachat Guts need a separate market on the lines of captive market. These women sell their products at single stall that do not fetch proper income and mostly the commodities are unsold. I feel there should be a captive market for these entrepreneurs where they can sell their items conveniently. These women entrepreneurs need to produce items in bigger volume because a captive market needs production in voluminous quantity.” cited Swaraj, reports Economic Times.

She affirmed that when the centre gets the blue print of the commodities produced in larger volumes then the work for the development of such a market will begin for thousands of women of Mumbai.

Swaraj motivated the entrepreneurs and sellers and announced, “So you all decide, what kind of work (production) you are apt for or what are you doing. Then we can launch a drive for skill development for production of those items under a single brand which will pave way for expansion of business,” as stated in India Today.

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While the idea of a separate market seems supportive right now. But it is questionable when seen from long term perspective. We live in a country that has almost equal percentage of men and women then this idea of dividing market is far from inclusive. An initiative that involves both men and women equally in the market and workforce will greatly influence the economic growth, equality and will also be acceptable in a long term scenario.

Picture Credit- India TV News