Supriya Sule Stands Firm for Cousin Ajit Pawar Amid Political Upheaval

Supriya Sule, NCP leader and cousin of Ajit Pawar, expressed love for the new deputy chief minister amid political turmoil. Sule assured party unity and focus on public welfare, emphasising the separation of personal and professional relationships.

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Image credits: Deccan Herald

Image credits: Deccan Herald

In the wake of NCP leader Ajit Pawar's surprising oath-taking as the Deputy Chief Minister in the Eknath Shinde government following a controversial decision to join the Shiv Sena-BJP government in Maharashtra, his cousin and NCP working president, Supriya Sule, held a late-night press conference, emphasising her unyielding bond with her elder brother and reaffirming the party's unity and commitment to the opposition.

Addressing a late-night press conference in Mumbai, Supriya Sule made it clear that personal relationships would not interfere with her professional duties. She stated, "I can never have a fight with my brother... Emotional relationships and professional work are two different things. I will never mix the two.”

She assured that the recent political changes within the party would not affect the solidarity of the opposition.

The recent political developments have raised questions about the party's stability, but Sule asserted that the party's credibility would rise further with time.

Ajit Pawar's decision to join the Shiv Sena-BJP government in Maharashtra as Deputy CM, along with eight other NCP leaders being inducted as ministers, added further complexity to the situation.

Sule expressed confidence that the stature of her father and NCP chief, Sharad Pawar, would only rise as a result. 


Sule's appointment as the party's working president last month is believed to have sparked Ajit Pawar's mutiny. However, she emphasised that since 2019, she had matured significantly in her role within the party and would not allow personal and professional responsibilities to intertwine. 

Addressing the intense political developments of Sunday, Sule described it as a challenging day, similar to many others. She remained tight-lipped about the discussions held at Ajit Pawar's official residence earlier that morning, stating that the details would remain confidential between the two of them. 

When asked about the possible disciplinary actions against those who joined the government, Sule urged patience, allowing time for the unfolding of the story, as it had not even been 12 hours since the developments occurred. 

Sule also acknowledged that Ajit Pawar may hold different views, but she believed they were both mature enough to compartmentalise their personal and professional lives. Regarding the number of MLAs supporting Ajit Pawar, she stated that it was uncertain, but affirmed that every NCP MLA was valued and cherished.

Concluding the conference, Sule reiterated the NCP's commitment to work tirelessly for the strengthening of the organisation and the betterment of the state and the country, displaying unwavering determination amid the prevailing political turmoil.

As Maharashtra's political landscape continues to evolve, the oath-taking ceremony has left political observers speculating about the future course of action and NCP chief Sharad Pawar's growing stature. 

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