Supreme Court Abortion Judgement: Twitterati Hail Landmark Decision

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The Supreme Court delivered some groundbreaking judgement on Thursday including a major ruling around abortion. The decision states that women, regardless of their marital status, are entitled to choose to go for an abortion until up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. The Twitterati has come forward in backing the Apex Court’s decision to justifiably reiterate women’s rights over their bodies.

The judgement is historic in a lot of ways considering the recent incidents highlighting the plight of women around the world to access a basic right of choice. The judgement comes at a time when women in some parts of the United States are still struggling to access their choice for abortion and decide for their bodies.

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Twitter hails Supreme Court’s judgement

People on Twitter have also been applauding the decision because it comes at such a crucial time when women are facing challenges across the world to make decisions concerning their bodies. “In one single stroke, the Indian legal and value system has taken a giant leap in terms of women’s rights, which the west will take a lifetime to catch up,” wrote a Twitter user.

The apex court’s ruling around marital rape, and delivering a verdict clearly states that married women, too, have the utmost choice to decide whether or not they want an abortion. Several people on Twitter came in support of this decision sharing the ordeal several married women go through with marital rape and forced pregnancies. “I just want to put it out there and appraise the Supreme Court of India. Much needed decision on MTPAct,” a user stated.

Another Twitter user highlighted that if we want to empower our nation, it is a must to empower our women as well. “This deserves appreciation. Empowering women = Empowering nations,” the user wrote.

Supreme Court Abortion Judgement: The definition of rape must also include marital rape under the MTP Act

Several social media users have backed the Supreme court’s decision calling it a landmark judgement in favour of women’s rights and their autonomy over their bodies. “The landmark judgement is a very progressive ruling for women’s rights and bodily autonomy,” wrote a user. 
The court’s ruling states that the “distinction between married and unmarried women for the MTP act is artificial and constitutionally unsustainable and it perpetuates the stereotyping that only married women indulge in sexual activities.”
The judgement also further notes the ordeal of women when they are forced into carrying a child, especially out of marital rape. People have been discussing marital rape on the platform observing how the court’s ruling makes us go one step further in bringing justice to women who are stuck in violent and abusive marriages. “The best towards the empowerment of women because, sometimes, owing to forced pregnancies, women have to leave their careers, and it will now help them to overcome this barrier and decide for themselves,” noted a Twitter user.
The progressive ruling, which is a welcoming change, was delivered On Thursday. The Supreme Court’s judgements surfaced several issues concerning women’s rights, and the rulings will only bring the appropriate rights of women into their own hands. People across the country are not only appreciating the ruling but also putting out their thoughts around abortion and the need to move forward with time, when it comes to accepting unmarried women choosing to get abortions, too.