Sunny Leone Emojis Are Out

Sunny Leone emojis

You can now send Sunny Leone’s emojis to friends and family. How? Bollywood star Sunny Leone has launched a series of ‘Sunny Leone sticker emoticons’ on Whatsapp, Facebook, FB messenger, Hangout and Hike and we are so lovin’ it!

The diva launched her own emojis through Emojifi and now everywhere you go, you’ll see Sunny’s fans sharing SunnyEmojis. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Check out some of the emojis:

The Laila O Laila star seems to have not had her fill with the song yet and released emojis based on the song too.

Sunny Leone emojis

You can search the emojifi app for download on both Google Playstore and iOS App Store.

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Sunny’s diverse business mind has stunned us once again!

Sunny Leone emojis

Whenever you engage in an interaction with someone, the chatting app you use will show you options of stickers (which will pop up as suggestions) depending on the commands. In simple words, as you type during a chat, related SunnyEmojis will be shown as suggestions so that you can change your way of chatting – from words to emojis.

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This is not the first time a Bollywood star has launched emojis in India. The Neerja star Sonam Kapoor introduced us to the idea.

Sonam Kapoor’s emojis


Then we had superstar Rajinikanth’s emojis on WhatsApp.

Rajinikanth’s emoji

But Sunny Leone’s surprising addition is worth noting as her emojis are high quality, crafted designs, and done especially from Indonesia.

Varun MS, Manan Maheshwari and Mahesh Gogineni, the alumnis of BITS Pilani, Duke University and Stanford GSB are the creator of these fun emojis.

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Feature Image Credit: Imgur

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