Niharika Jhunjhunwala Aims to Change the “Gifting Others” Policy


Who doesn’t like surprises right? And then they hit the right note of experience and pampering, it just hits the spot! The reason for this rather flowery intro, is that the gift giving market is changing. Gone are the days when a box of dry fruits wrapped in golden paper was the norm, services and companies are taking the game to a whole new level. Subscription services which offer curated boxes every month are being brought by millennials. These boxes have everything from satisfying your culinary sides, to grooming to even making you feel warm and comfy during your periods! Sugarbox founded by Niharika Jhunjhunwala aims to change the “gifting others” policy and make it about yourself!

In India, family businesses are run in the “if it is not broken, why fix it” mode.

The Genesis of Sugarbox 

Right after my graduation from LSR and LSE, I have been brimming with new ideas for businesses and how to improve my family business. In India, family businesses are run in the “if it is not broken, why fix it” mode. Hence, to keep the peace, I decided to fly out of the family nest and experiment with a few ideas of my own. Sugarbox is one of these ideas. In today’s hectic lifestyle there are a lot of convenient options to gift others.  I asked myself – why one shouldn’t gift themselves a little something every month. A nicely packaged surprise gift to yourself at the end of the month with – products across multiple categories. The sheer happiness of coming back home after a long day of work and receiving a box full of wonderful and valued goodies!

Sugarbox- Summer Romance Edition

Why not pamper yourself every month?

The array of boxes offered.

Sugarbox is a theme-based gift box for all those who want to pamper themselves. They bring to you an exclusive service of handpicked goodies by a team of specialized in-house stylists that is delivered to your doorstep at the end of every month. With new themes every month, so far, we have given out 24 boxes, which include, The Resort Edition, The Summer Romance Edition, The Desi- Pop edition, The Boho Chic Edition, The Red Carpet Edition, The Hot Mess Edition among several others.

The social angle.

 As of now, we haven’t tied up with any NGOs  for associations. However, we are looking out for one. It’s definitely on our to-do-list for this year.

Sugarbox- Red Carpet Edition

Women are fearless today.

The startup challenges.

The biggest challenge that I faced was to keep our consumers curious by ensuring the themes and products are exciting and interesting. The curation of products from international/domestic vendors has to be sought. In some cases, we get the products manufactured ourselves. Moreover, it was quite challenging to educate the consumers about our service, then build trust in them, and finally meet their expectations, such as, on time delivery, etc.

Startup advice?

I feel that the youth in India is brimming with ideas, however, they are too scared of implementing them. My only tip to them will be – take a chance and try, otherwise you may never know what good comes out of it.

Sugarbox for shethepeople.tv

Take the chance, and implement your idea!

It’s not just about the boys anymore. Society itself has progressed a lot. It’s much positive today.

The woman and the entrepreneur.

I think women today are much more fearless than ever. In addition, education and digitisation has successfully been able to inspire them. As a result, everyone, from a rural underprivileged woman to an urban modern woman, wants to make a mark. It’s not just about the boys anymore. The society itself has progressed and it’s much positive today. The thinking that men are the bread earners and women being the caretakers is slowly getting ancient. Women are slowly being seen on an equal footing as their male counterparts. And it’s only getting better!

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