Stressed out? Try these 8 de-stressing tips

In our modern high paced, high stress lives, here are a few tips to de stress and relax, and most importantly slow down.

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Yes, it’s the 21st century. Yes, the world is competitive. Yes, we all are striving to succeed with no exceptions! But can we just stop once in every while to give ourselves a chance to de-stress? With a job comes responsibility and the stress, with more responsibility, comes more stress. It's a constant struggle, and we need to press the pause button at time for our own benefit. It’s a circle and we need to pause and break the circle for our own benefit.


Leisure, fun, and de-stressing are an essential part of one’s routine. Here are some tips that will help you from getting burnt out.

Leave Work on Time

Being good at your work is one thing, but losing balance between work and personal life is something that you will regret eventually. Learn to know when to stop working and go back to enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Go on Vacations

Take a break! Everyone needs some fun-time with friends and family every once in a while. Take the liberty of going on a holiday to just relax.

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Catch Up on Sleep

We often cut down on our sleep in order to keep working for longer hours not realizing that our body is gradually degenerating. Getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep is essential in staying fit and active.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise keeps your mind and body in shape. Try yoga and meditation to help you calm your mind and relax. After all, health is wealth, right?


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Spa Sessions

Taking out “me” time for you is of utmost importance. Switch off your phone, lock it away and let the massage therapy alter your world. The acupressure will loosen up all the tension in the muscles, and believe me, that one hour will be life-altering.

Mindless Entertainment

Ridiculous comic series, or reality TV shows actually help you de-stress. Watching programs that stimulate the mind and make you laugh has a positive effect on your mood.

Enjoy the Guilt Food

What can guilty food not possibly cure? Once in a blue moon, it is okay to order in from your favorite takeout restaurant and devour the delicious food! Food is our constant best friend, don’t you think?

Make Time for Your Hobbies

Remember when reading books, and listening to music gave you joy? Get that back! Having a hobby is a great way to loosen up, and to re-energize. Make time for it, as it will even help you become more creative.

Slow down and breathe. Shall we?

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