Street Artist Kajal Singh Is Transforming The Streets Of Berlin, Delhi

Kajal Singh Street artist

Kajal Singh is one of India’s first female graffiti artists. She is in her early twenties and paints under the moniker, Dizy.

Her love for hip hop led her to find out about graffiti and street art, since this kind of art is often shown in music videos of hip hop songs. The artist and her brother, who is also a graffiti artist, started painting in 2008.

Kajal Singh Art

Source: 101

The siblings started out by trying to take cues from foreign artists. They were operating at a time when the graffiti scene was just burgeoning in India. She says that when they had first started, it was difficult to even come by good spray paints. Now she says, there is more of a scene.

She tells 101 India that one of her favourite spaces to do graffiti is in Bandra in Mumbai, since people are pretty open to it there. She also says that she rarely paints without permission in India, and that Indians are quite receptive to street art. This kind of art is not new to people in Europe, she says.

Berlin’s street art is world famous, and is ironically illegal. The city’s street art scene started shortly after the Berlin Wall was erected.Graffiti became the medium through which citizens of the city could express their frustrations about their city’s division. The western side of the wall, is completely covered in gorgeous murals, and the culture of expressing one’s self through this medium continues today.

So when Kajal was given the opportunity to work in Germany after she was chosen for the Indo-German Hip Hop Urban Art Project in 2012, she was very excited. She spent the next few years shuffling between Delhi and Berlin, and is now based in Berlin.

Being a female operating in such an unconventional space is not always easy. The artist says that her name ‘Dizy’ comes from the word ‘Dizzy’ which means mad. Being the first ‘graffiti girl’ in India is quite crazy, according to the artist.

Graffiti for NIke Campaign

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Singh is multi-talented. She is also a hip hop dancer, and a beauty and fitness blogger. She says that hip hop and graffiti changed her life, transforming her from a quiet and shy girl into someone who is confident and can hustle!

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