Stray Dogs Guard Abandoned Baby As People Walk By

dog and baby

Stray dogs protected a baby girl lying abandoned in Kolkata’s Howrah station. The baby had been abandoned in the busy station during peak hour, and lay on the ground with a half-filled bottle of milk and a half-open bag of diapers. While hundreds of people walked by the infant, without offering help, some dogs stayed next to the baby, protecting her. After some hours, when the hustle bustle of the station died down, the dogs still remained with the baby girl. An RPF personnel who spotted the group of stray dogs surrounding the baby, then alerted higher officials who finally rescued the baby.

The dogs hadn’t left the baby alone, even as no other human approached her.

Last November, there was another case of dogs protecting a baby. A baby girl had been left in a dumpster, and four strays hovered around her, chasing away any crows that were trying to swoop down on her. They didn’t move until the police came to rescue her.

This is one of the most heartwarming, and heartbreaking stories we have come across. When no human bothered to offer the abandoned infant help, it was stray dogs who came to the rescue.  And it just proves that we need to learn some compassion from our friendly companions. They protect our kind, and we need to protect them. 

Here’s how we can do our part and protect stray animals:

1. If you encounter an animal abuser, you can file an FIR. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (a Central Act) exists to ensure working animals, transported livestock and even pets are not treated cruelly. Take photographs and spread awareness on social media.

2. Support local animal shelters and NGOs which work to provide medical care to animals. Make donations, fund raise, and volunteer.

3. You can feed strays in your area. A Delhi High Court ruling in 2010 suggested persons feeding strays be protected by the police, because of frequent incidents of violence directed at them from members of society.

4. If you see an animal in pain, contact Jaagruti, an NGO which has compiled emergency numbers for injured animals.

5. And if you are looking to adopt a young pup, adopt a friendly one in need from a local animal shelter. 

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Picture Credit: Pinterest

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