Stranger’s Involvement In Rape Cases Have Decreased In 2021 As Per Data By Delhi Police

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As per recent data provided by Delhi Police strangers’ involvement in rape cases have declined. However, of the total crime against women around 99% of crimes of rape the perpetrator is someone who is known to the survivor.

As per data from National Crimes Record Bureau(NCRB), there has been 997 reported rape cases in Delhi in 2020. The number of rape cases in Delhi is the highest among all the Union Territories of India. During a free-wheeling interaction at the Indian Women Press Corps in Delhi, the Delhi Police Commissioner, Rakesh Asthana, shared the latest figures.

Stranger Involvement In Rape Cases: Data For Delhi:

On the account of imposed lockdown in the country where families were shut inside the house in 2020, the total crime against women reportedly decreased. As per the NCRB data released on September 16, 2021, the crimes against women decreased by 24.65% in the national capital. In the Attempt to Acid Attack (under section 326B of IPC), Delhi saw a total of three cases in 2020, with the highest number from Gujarat followed by West Bengal with eight and five cases respectively.

Additionally, 2,938 cases of women kidnapping and abduction were reported in the national capital.

National Commission Of Women reported that around 31,000 complaints were received for crime against women in 2021. Uttar Pradesh topped the chart followed by Delhi which had reported 3,336 cases.

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As per the data published by the Delhi police, rape cases have increased in Delhi. However, the involvement of strangers has been dipping. As per the statistics by Delhi Police, the case with strangers involvement has come down to 1.17% in 2021 as compared to the earlier 3.57%.

Asthana also informed how the police response time has reduced to 3 minutes and 7 seconds from earlier 7-8 minutes which would become a significant step to ensure that police reaches the crime spot as soon as an SOS is received.

This figure also points to the fact that around 99% rapes are done by people who are known to the woman being raped. In 2018, NCRB data pointed this number as being 94%, where the offender was someone known to the survivor. The data was comparatively less as compared to the recent data for 2021.

One of the early surveys conducted by the support of United Nations Women, showed around 95 per cent of women and girls feel unsafe in public spaces in Delhi.

About NCRB

NCRB is an Indian government agency under the Ministry of Home Affairs responsible for collecting and analysing the crime data as per the sections of the Indian Penal Code and specific local laws as well. It brings out three annual reports – Crime in India, Accidental deaths and suicides in India, Prison statistics in India. They act as principal reference points for the researchers, police personnel, media, policymakers.