Sunshine Ladies: Indian Women Must Stock Up On Vitamin D, Here's Why

Kavya Kothiyal
May 17, 2017 03:10 IST
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The balmy winter rays beamed through my bedroom window, nudging me to absorb my daily dose of the vital sunshine. My skin sparkled and my eyes gleamed when I felt the vitamin D getting synthesized inside my skin through the veins to the entire body.


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Vitamin D, commonly referred as the sunshine vitamin is a fat-soluble vitamin that can effect as many as 2000 genes in the human body. It is not only essential for the well being of the body, but also forms an integral part of daily dose of the important vitamins required for proper functioning of the body. And so it's important to take it but in limited and prescribed quantities.

Vitamin D, commonly referred as the sunshine vitamin is a fat-soluble vitamin that can effect as many as 2000 genes in the human body.

Not only does the body naturally produce vitamin D in the direct exposure to sunlight but one can also get adequate amount of vitamin in the blood through certain food supplements. One might feel risky by not being able to provide enough of the vitamin naturally due to various reasons which primarily include not getting access to enough sunlight and having a dark skin as the pigment melanin reduces the skin’s ability to make vitamin D.


Primarily, the dairy products that provide lactose are rich source of vitamin D. Other than that, orange juice, cod liver oil, fortified cereal, egg yolk, certain type of mushrooms and fatty fish are good source of vitamin D.


Deficiency of vitamin D leads to joint pain and muscle weakness. Scientific studies have proved that the deficiency of vitamin D makes the bone brittle and soft and lead to bone abnormalities such as osteoporosis ans osteomalacia.



One of the most important functions of vitamin D includes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Another major functions include the immunity strengthening against certain cardio-vascular diseases, asthma and cancer.


Research analysts have also proved that a right dose of vitamin also helps in fighting depression and stress. Vitamin D specifically helps reduce the likelihood of developing the flu. Certain researchers have even suggested that vitamin D could play an active role in the prevention and treatment of conditions that include Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, glucose intolerance and multiple sclerosis.

Vitamin D is definitely a must in the daily dietary pattern and though there is no consensus on it;s requirement for optimal health, the concentration differs depending upon the age and health conditions.

Doctors diagnose the deficiency of vitamin D by a simple test, so if you think you are running a risk of ‘sunshine vitamin’, stock up on vitamin D and also get a blood test done at the earliest.

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