WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange To Wed Partner Stella Moris In Prison Today: 10 Things To Know

stella moris julian assange wedding, Stella Moris
The founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange will be marrying his partner Stella Moris today at a high-security prison in southeast London. Assange is wanted by the United States government for trials on 18 cases related to the release of confidential US military records and diplomatic cables through WikiLeaks.

The 50-year-old has denied all the charges and alleged wrongdoings that he has been accused of but has been held at the Belmarsh prison since 2019. Prior to his arrest in connection to the leak, he was holed up at the Ecuadorean embassy in London for over seven years.

During his time at the embassy, he became a parent to two children alongside Moris, who is a lawyer by profession. Assange met Morris, who is a decade younger than him, in 2011 when she started working for his legal team. In 2015, they started dating.

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Stella Moris Julian Assange Wedding: Ten Things To Know

– The marriage will take place at Belmarsh jail in London. Supporters of Assange will gather outside the prison to celebrate their union.

– Assange was arrested three years ago and since then is being held at a high-security jail.

– For the prison wedding, Moris will be wearing a wedding dress by Vivienne Westwood while Assange will wear a kilt as his parents are of Scottish descent.

– Since it’s a prison with the highest security, the couple will get married before four guests, two witnesses and two guards.

The guests will leave immediately after the ceremony, even though it will be conducted before the usual visiting time ends.

– The spokesperson of the Prison Service said that all the weddings conducted inside the prison while abiding by the existing requirements of the Prison Service policy.

– The pictures of the wedding will be taken by prison staff as per the policy, which states that the governor can block the taking of images if it is believed that the pictures will be shared publicly as it might compromise the prison security.

– Supporters have been asked to donate to the official Crowdfunder campaign instead of sending in gifts and putting up posters demanding the freedom of Assange.

– Talking about her wedding, Moris said that they both are excited despite the situation being restrictive in nature.

– She said that Assange is looking forward to the ceremony as it is finally taking place after months of first placing the request.

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