State-Run Schools In Haryana To Include Sex Education

Winds of change appear to be blowing in Haryana. In a progressive measure by a think-tank from the ministries of human resource development, women and child development and health, a taboo topic like sex education is set to be included in the state students’ curriculum.

Apart from that, a detailed note on contraceptives and natural urge will be given in the state’s government schools under the Centre’s National Health Mission Rashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram.

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In a bid to break the stigma attached to the subject of ‘sex education’, Haryana’s Yamunanagar aims to educate students about sex and prevent the rise of sexual crimes and teenage pregnancy.

Students will be taught to treat sex as a natural desire and not as a disorder. Children studying in 8th to 12th are being targeted for the sex education lessons. The scheme is later expected to expand to anganwadis in Haryana.

The studies will focus on fundamental rights, gender insensitivity, child marriage, early pregnancies, domestic violence, female stereotyping, sex selection etc.

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The educational module will also include lessons on sex education, nutrition demands of a body during adolescence, sex and reproductive health, gender violence, substance abuse etc.

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The team members who are responsible to set the limit and measure of the syllabus are representatives of state health department, WCD department and education department. The measures were taken after it came to light that female students hesitate to participate in discussions about sex education because they are taught only by male teachers.

“We cannot emphasise enough on how there is a dire need to abolish the stigma around sex,” Dr Dharamveer Singh, assistant project coordinator and member of the committee told Mail Today.

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“It is currently targeting every block of Yamunanagar with a sole aim to make the teens understand that sex is acceptable but pregnancy before maturity is not,” said Dr Sunil Kumar, deputy civil surgeon and a member of the project from State Health Department.

This is, indeed, a progressive move!

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