#StartUpIndia Adam Neumann has a job offer for you

At Startup India, the element of inspiration just didn’t die out. Everyone in the room was high on energy and it got higher when 36 year-old entrepreneur Adam Neumann, founder of WeWork came to the Startup India conference. He was in conversation with Ravi Gururaj, CEO, Orcapod. He shared inspiring insights on how to build a successful company through culture of community.

StartUpIndia SheThePeople

StartUpIndia SheThePeople

Adam was born in Israel and moved to America following his elder sister. On reaching he realized the wide contrast in culture, where Americans living in the same building did not even talk to each other. The energy of community was something that they built by befriending their neighbors.

He also said that getting rewarded for your work is a great thing, but the focus should always be on making the world a better place. It is a great feeling, “Being a part of something that is greater than yourself.”

He also said, “Don’t worry about money, do something that you are passionate about and help change lives and make them better. Funding will eventually happen, if the idea deserves it.”

#StartUpIndia How women entrepreneurs are transforming the landscape

#StartUpIndia How women entrepreneurs are transforming the landscape

On his first visit to India, that too with his father, Adam said shared his excitement on meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the evening, “India is a pure democracy and it’s inspiring.” He also shared his plans of bringing WeWork to India and that he is looking for employees, all from India- from CEOs, to COOs to CFOs to everyone. He also invited the Indian folk to share resumes with them.

On his secret to success, he said, “The secret to the magic sauce is that you got to touch the stakeholders’ heart.”

He also said, “You are going to have to sacrifice a lot,” Be prepared and willing to work for the success of your passion.

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