Bengaluru’s mass molestation has left many, especially in Bollywood, disturbed. Since NYE when the incident happened, many celebrities took to Twitter to express their discontent and made their angst public. The latest to join Anushka Sharma, Malaika Arora Khan and Akshay Kumar is superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

“My feeling is exactly the same like every other celebrity. I think whatever has happened is completely wrong. Mothers and fathers have to treat their sons in a way that they learn how to respect women from a very early age,” the Dear Zindagi actor told Indian Express.

He added, “Women are close to my heart, be it mothers, daughters or sisters. Every girl is close to my heart and I think it’s high time we realise that and make sure they are the most respected people on this planet. They are God’s creation. If they weren’t there, we wouldn’t be born. So we need to respect that. Every woman, be it working women or housewives or otherwise should be respected.”

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Khan talks about women with a lot of respect. Earlier in an interview with The Guardian before the release of his film directed by Gauri Shinde, he had said, “the women in my life – the actresses – have helped me immensely. Everything I am is because of them. They are doing all that work and, mostly, I take away the credit for the film. I’m Shah Rukh Khan.”

“I can never ever forget I am [there] because of women. All my chivalry, goodness, gentlemanliness only stems from the fact that it’s my way of saying thank you. They are fabulous in the films. In every film,” said Khan.

Celebrities from various arenas have come together against the horrific episode in Bengaluru. It came across as shock to not just them but the whole country. The city is known for its thriving IT industry and the many women working in it.

Picture credit- Indian Express