Breaking Down "The Inappropriate Poem" By Sonal Sharma

"Teach them about consent. Teach your young sons and daughters that their bodies are theirs alone. And that no one in any relation can stake a claim at them," says Sonal Sharma

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Sonal Sharma

Even in today’s day and age, us women are told what to speak, how to speak and when to speak. Everyone around us tells us what to do and how to do things. Amidst all of this, somewhere our voices and beliefs go unheard. The chaos created by people around us, trying to rule our lives in some manner subdue them.


Here is one girl that has dared to speak her mind. Sonal Sharma did a spoken word poetry, which intends to help people understand, what she believes the world needs to endorse.

Here are a couple of topics she covered in her spoken word poetry

Your body is yours alone

“Teach them about consent. Teach your young sons and daughters that their bodies are theirs alone. And that no one in any relation can stake a claim at them.”

This is one topic that all parents need to discuss with their children. Parents should teach their children that sexual agency and consent are a crucial part of intercourse and that no one has the right to violate it on any grounds.


 They need to be aware

“Don’t talk to her in metaphors about her own genitalia. Teach her about herself. Teach her that she can never be in any way pure or impure because she doesn’t need to be.”

Not knowing about your own body, may lead you being uncomfortable and can make you feel caged. Only once you know about the changes your body goes through can you learn to be confident, just the way you are.

You are perfect


“You can’t teach these little people how to be perfect men and women. What you can teach them is to be better people.”


Sharma emphasises on the fact that you are okay, just the way you are. Perfection cannot be taught, and probably no one can be perfect. After all, what perfection is, is something that is open to individual interpretation. The only thing that can be taught is being a better person. The world needs better people.


“Talk to them about love. Tell them it's beautiful and magical and dangerous and devastating. Tell them it doesn’t matter who or what they fall in love with as long as they do.”

Love can happen at the most uncertain moments with the most unexpected person. Parents shouldn't discourage their kids from falling in love, because it is the most natural thing to happen to a living breathing person. She also says that whom you love does not matter, as long as it makes you happy. You aren’t restricted. All that matters is that you are able to love.

Sex is not inappropriate. There are no inappropriate words

“When your little ones come and ask you about sex, Don’t call it the S word! Tell them it's okay. Tell them it's natural.”


For centuries, the word sex has been a taboo topic in our society. It has been a subject which people still don’t talk about in public. Many people still flinch when they hear this word.



How one time you said f**k in class and got scolded by your teacher. Tell them that f**k is not an inappropriate word. There are no inappropriate words.

Many parents restrict their children from swearing, saying that the use of such a language has no place in a cultured family. But is there such a thing as inappropriate words? Most teens swear, but not in front of elders, cause they are scared. The question is, Why should they be? While views may differ on this matter, it is appreciable that Sharma puts forth her views so frankly.

Those words!

“That a lying, cheating, heart-breaking woman is not a bitch, a bitch is a female dog, and she is probably your most loyal companion ever. Pussy is not a coward, and definitely not a term for female genitalia. Tell them pussy is a cat and that cats are royal ferocious creatures.”

This point is so very imperative for people to understand. How children are introduced to such words is important, as it builds their views on gender, stereotypes and even social construct.

Demons are real

“That fairies and princesses are stuff from old fairy tales, but sadly the demons are not. That there are murderers in positions of power. Rapists upholding law and magicians in jail. Tell them that the world is not a good place. Inspire them to make it better.”

Every child at some point will be exposed to the ugliness that hides in the plain side in this world. How long can parents shield them? It is better that they understand this from early on, that world is as much full of bad people as it is of good. Sonal Sharma has beautifully drawn a picture of reality in those 3 lines, regarding how the world is, but how the young have the power to change it.

Let them find their own battles


“Let them find their own battles, allies, and enemies. Let them define their own countries, boundaries, histories, and chemistries. Let them get their first battle scar, and then teach them to take pride in who and what they are and who and what they love and who and what they believe in.”

Fighting for what you believe in, is exactly what the world needs today. Finding what you believe in will help the child find themselves. Parents need to let their child make mistakes, and wear those injuries with pride. No matter what the child chooses to do in life, he or she must be proud of it. However it isn’t. Parents often end up pushing their own opinions and decisions of their kids, assuming that they know better, and that needs to change.

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Kavya Shah is an intern at SheThePeople.Tv

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