In Spain, Mother Kidnaps Sons To Avoid COVID-19 Vaccination

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Mother Kidnaps Sons: A 46-year-old woman in Seville, a southern city in Spain, was accused of “kidnapping” her sons for avoiding their COVID-19 vaccination. The woman’s husband had filed a complaint with the police after he could not meet his children after November 4 last year. Now the woman as turned herself into the authorities, also bringing back her children.

The accused woman was wanted for kidnapping her sons, who are aged 14 and 12. The father filed a complaint mid-December and accused the mother of taking their children without any authorisation. The incident took place after the couple had gone to court about a dispute on who would have the right to decide whether the children should be vaccinated. The man had won the case.

After that, he allegedly received a letter from his ex-wife in which she shared her plans to remove the boys from their school.

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On January 5, the accused woman turned herself in along with the boys and a judge reportedly ordered her to be remanded in custody for pending charges. The two boys were handed over to their father on the same day. This information was given to press by a spokesman for the Guardia Civil police force in Spain.

Spain approved vaccination against coronavirus for children between five to 11 years of age on December 15. However, till now, the country has not seen major protests against vaccination like in the United States.

Recently, the Health Minister in Spain Carolina Darias announced that students will be going back to schools and universities as the new term begins on January 10, 2022. Masks will be mandatory and adequate ventilation will be provided by the school authorities. Regional administrations will work to cover shifts of teachers absent due to infection.

Like many other countries across the globe, even Spain has witnessed a spike in coronavirus cases, especially after the increase in Omicron variant cases. As per the Spanish health authorities, in the week before Christmas, 43 percent cases were of Omicron variant.