Meet 10-year-old Sky Brown — the world’s youngest skateboarder champ — all set to compete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Anglo-Japanese Sky was named in the British Olympic squad in March and she aims to clinch skateboarding first gold.

The skateboarding sensation is from Miyazaki, southern Japan. Sky studies in an elementary school that has millions of followers who enjoy her viral videos as she skateboards fearlessly. This technically advanced skater made history by becoming Team Great Britain’s youngest summer Olympian at Tokyo 2020

“With skateboarding becoming an Olympic sport I think its super exciting,” says Sky, who will turn 11 in July, reported. “It’s going to be really cool with people doing super-gnarly tricks, and really fun to watch,” she added. Sky is one of five skateboarders selected to receive UK Sport funding which helped them qualify for the upcoming Olympics.

When asked her father Stu Brown, he praised his daughter’s determination to represent the nation in surfing too. “Sky is trying to qualify in two sports and she fights very hard to get what she wants,” he said, Sky News reported.

Sky has been competing in professional skateboarding and surfing tours since she was eight years old. “I feel like skateboard is my happy place. I just love it – it makes me feel happy and like I can do anything, and I love surfing too,” said the youngest British summer Olympian.

Before her, the previous youngest Team GB athlete was Margery Hinton. She was 13 years when competed at the 1928 Games in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. “The British Skateboarding Association, they told me ‘no pressure, just have fun and get out there,’” Sky said in a video posted to the BBC Sport website. “So that’s why I chose England.”

If you think Sky has a limit then you’re mistaken! Her talents go beyond skateboarding and surfing as she was the winner of last year’s junior Dancing with the Stars in the US. The star has more than 325,000 followers on Instagram. She grabbed spotlight when appeared in a recent Nike sportswear campaign alongside gymnast Simone Biles and athletes Caster Semenya. Since skateboarding and surfing are debuting at Tokyo Olympics, Sky is a big medal hope for the fraternity.

“We would have liked Sky to skate for Japan, but it’s her choice and we wish her luck. I’m confident Japan will do well at the Olympics,” Takehisa Miyazawa, chairman of the skateboarding committee of the Japan Roller Sports Federation, told AFP.

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