Skipping Breakfast? That’s A Big No

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In today’s fast-paced world, when we are forever racing to acquire wealth, health takes a backseat for most of us. On waking up, we probably check our phones for messages/emails than anything else. My father always says: “As soon as you get up, the first thing you should do, is eat a plateful of fruits.” Apparently, our body retains the nutrients. I haven’t googled the nitty-gritty of it, but well, how bad can that advice be?

Most of us skip breakfast in the rush of getting to work, meetings, other commitments, while forgetting to commit to a healthy meal plan. What happens when you skip your breakfast? How will your body keep up with the much needed energy throughout the day? We tell you just how unhealthy this habit is.

Cravings throughout the day

It is said that having breakfast within the hour of waking up is the ideal time period for it to work wonders on your body. What you eat in the morning helps you kickstart your day in the right (or wrong) way. What you eat for breakfast will determine what you eat throughout the day. Having a wholesome meal will definitely keep you away from the tempting carbs, and sweets that you otherwise tend to put your hands on.

Keep a healthy check on your blood sugar

According to experts, your blood sugar drops dramatically if you skip breakfast. Especially if an individual is diabetic, it becomes even more essential to have not just breakfast, but all meals at regular intervals. Also, it is found that women who skip breakfast are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.

You feel stressed

Cortisol, which is a primary stress hormone in our body, starts acting up when we skip breakfast. According to a research by University of Texas at Austin, the cortisol levels are highest at around 7 am. To bring them down, one needs to treat themselves to a plate of wholesome breakfast. Avoiding this can lead to anxiety and jitters for the remaining day.

Weight gain and heart risk

One of the major setbacks of skipping this healthy meal is putting on extra weight. Sounds ironical, no? Skipping breakfast can make you susceptible to higher risk of heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, blood pressure and even diabetes. Do we really need to make our bodies go through all these problems?

If it helps, prepare your meals beforehand, so you make sure you can consume it on time. Try different recipes, make it exciting, and start your day on a healthy note. Take care!

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