This Six-Year-Old’s Dance Moves Are The Best Thing On Internet Today

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She is just six but grooves like a professional. Ivanah Campbell is from Port Elizabeth in South Africa. She got sparks and she dazzles, and can make your head swing over beats that are hard to grasp even for professionals. She is making the world crushing on her dance moves so much so that celebrities like Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and even Captain America aka Chris Evans couldn’t stop themselves from posting videos of the young girl shaking a leg. She is in the spotlightthese days with a Facebook following of almost 40 000.

According to Daily Mail, Ivanah is a young dancer from Port Elizabeth who has become an overnight sensation after sharing her dance moves on social media. While stalking her on Instagram account, we found out that this six-year-old girl have only posted 12 videos till date, however, already has over 1.7 lakh followers.

The account is handled by her aunt who describes Ivanah as a “6 year old who loves dancing.”

Her ballet teacher Portia Appolis told News24, “What a bubbly and gorgeous child,. She’s just one of those kids that you know is going to be a star.”

Ivanah’s most recent video to have gone viral was her dancing to Lizzo’s 2019 hit ‘Juice.’ Lizzo shared the footage online, commenting: “Rare footage of me as a child.”


The viral video has received more than 4.7 million views. It was shared by Good Morning America to which the singer wrote, “INVITE ME & IVANAH ON THE SHOW SO WE CAN PERFORM JUICE TOGETHER.”

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Commenting on the viral videos, Appolis said: “At her age, wow, I can’t believe it! She has the x-factor… You give her something and she adds a little extra.”

Beside Lizzo other high profile fans are Men In Black star Will Smith who too loved how the little girl moves. Fascinated by the dance the actor wrote, “This girl has life figured out! I’m bout to go find me some traffic right now … and dance!”


One by one fans started pouring love for her, including American actor Mario Lopez who commented on Will Smith’s video writing, “Love her!”

In an awe, WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson commented to the post saying, “Omg this is the best ever! So cute.”

Turns out Captain America Chris Evans has become a huge fan of Ivanah too. The Hollywood star posted a video of the girl dancing on is Twitter page and wrote, “This kid is cooler than I could ever hope to be.”

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