Priest Issues Rape Threat Against Muslim Women In Sitapur: 10 Things To Know

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A video of a Hindu priest is doing rounds on social media in which he reportedly threatens to kidnap and rape Muslim women. The accused could be seen addressing a sea of men–of all age–dressed in saffron colour, outside a mosque in the Sitapur area of Uttar Pradesh, which is about 100 kilometers away from Lucknow.

The crowd can be seen applauding every statement being made by the accused, also chanting Jai Shree Ram. The video of the incident was shared by the co-founder of AltNews, which is a fact-checking website.

The recent update on the case, which took place on April 2, is that the UP police are now investigating the video and a case has been registered more than six days after the incident took place. The priest in the video making the hate speech is a local Mahant in a small town called Khariabad.

Many social media users have called for strict action against the hatemonger for threatening Muslim women with abduction and rape. National Commission For Women too has urged the police to arrest the priest.

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Sitapur Hate Speech: Ten Things To Know

-Sitapur is trending online because of the video of a local mahant giving rape threats to Muslim women.

-The man, purported to be a priest, can be seen using a microphone while sitting inside the car. He addresses a large group of men in the video which was shot near a mosque.

-The priest also alleges in the video that there is a plot to kill him and Rs 28 lakh has been collected for the same.

The accused then goes on to say that if any Muslim man harassed any Hindu girl in the area, then he would kidnap Muslim women and publicly rape them.

-This statement is applauded by the crowd with loud, supportive cheers and the slogan of “Jai Shree Ram.”

-The other video of the same incident shows four cops in the frame. Out of which three are sitting in the car.

-Zubair shared the video on Twitter and asked the Sitapur police for the inaction, even after five days of the incident taking place.

-The Sitapur police responded to the call for action and said that the matter is being investigated.

-The police have also assured that action will be taken on the basis of facts.

-The NCW too took note of the incident and Chairperson Rekha Sharma has written to the Director-General of Police, Uttar Pradesh, seeking the arrest and appropriate measures to “curb” people from using such outrageous language against women.

Credit: Mohammed Zubair/ Twitter