Sisters Dance With Joy On Street After Beating COVID-19, Video Goes Viral

sisters dance Viral Video

A woman welcomed her older sister in grand style with a duet dance party on the streets, after she returned home fully cured of COVID-19. In the heartwarming video, the two sisters can be seen celebrating to the tunes of Chillar Party‘s ‘Tai Tai Phish‘ in front of their house. A family member can also be seen doing aarti to welcome the sister who beat the virus. The sisters’ dance has since gone viral on social media.

The woman has been identified as Saloni Satpute, a 23-year old Pune resident, who by dancing on the street for her sister, Snehal, also wanted to “relay a message to her neighbours who had shunned her after five members of her family tested positive,” Pune Mirror reported.

The video was originally shared on Twitter on July 19 by Dipanshu Kabra, IPS officer. He wrote, “No Pandemic can reduce a nanometer of smile, of any family that cherishes such Warmth, Love & Energy.”

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Netizens Enjoyed the Dance Video’s Energy

The pandemic has called for an antidote of laughter and joy – the only contagious thing we need in these bleak times – and this video has managed to give everyone that. The two-minute video was received well by Twitter, evident by its views that have crossed 23,000 views and gained over 2,000 likes.

The energy of the video also encouraged some netizens to tap their own feet. One Twitter user wrote, “I don’t remember the last time I danced with so much happiness… it’s a treat to watch them.” Another wrote, “This celebration is must for every fighter to boost their positivity.” 

However, some users were quick to point out that the sister who welcomed her sibling wasn’t wearing a mask during the celebration.

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Other Heartwarming Videos of COVID Doctors Dancing

Several light-hearted videos, such as this one, that show people dancing to relieve the mental and physical stress of the pandemic and lockdown have been floating around on social media.

Just today, a video of health workers dancing to a Kannada song, to boost the morale of COVID-19 patients at a ward in Karnataka’s Vijaynagar Institute of Medical Sciences, was shared by ANI on social media.

On July 1, to mark the occasion of National Doctor’s Day, Dr Richa Negi posted a video of herself dancing to the Hindi song ‘Garmi‘ in a PPE KIT. The video, that garnered over 1 million views, was captioned, “We Won’t Let The Negativity Of The Situation Get To Us Even While Serving The Patients In This GARMI-ful But Oh So Graceful Outfit.”

Tanvi Akhauri is an intern with SheThePeople.TV.