Swara Bhaskar Says Girls Face Judgement Since Childhood

NCW Notice Swara Bhasker

Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker speaks her mind. Recently, after she faced severe backlash over her comments on the Una flogging case, the actress said it’s always the women who face more judgment than men. “Since childhood, girls face judgement. Be it about looks or behaviour, they are being judged on everything,” the actress said.

Bhasker is often in the news for raising her voice against several social issues. She is a favourite target of trolls on social media.

“While getting married, judgmental questions like, ‘How a girl looks like, what’s her skin tone, how is her nature’ are being imposed on our girls for a long time. I am not saying that men are not judged, but women have to face more judgment than them,” the actress said

Her comments came during the promotion of the second season of her web show “It’s Not That Simple”.

She believes that the status of women has changed in India, but said there is still a long way to go.

“From a long time, the Hindi phrase ‘Log kya kahenge (what will people say)’ has made our women weak and has suppressed their voice, but now women are breaking all the ceilings and are moving ahead.”

The Bollywood actress was in the news earlier this year when she was heavily criticised for a masturbation scene she did in “Veere Di Wedding“. She said she believed in the role and did what the script demanded.

“While performing any role, an actor should have faith in it. If you don’t have faith in a role, it would be hard to perform it on-screen,” added Swara.

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In an earlier interview with SheThePeople.TV, the actress has raised concerns about women’s safety issues. “Safety is an issue for women in general. When you are in a public space, it doesn’t matter whether you are famous or not. You feel vulnerable as a woman in India especially, but also in other parts of the world,” she said.